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How to get started with branding your band.

Hi! I’m Pete. For years I’ve been creating websites, logos and press releases for different bands (mostly friends though to be fair). I noticed that online there was very little there to help bands with branding, one of the main things that make a band stand out from the overpopulated crowd. Talking to bands I know, they seemed to have no idea where to even start, or others thought just downloading Photoshop was enough to make them fly. With so many ideas flying around, just to start creating is probably the worst thing you can do. A brand isn’t just about having cool content. All that content needs to fit into one centralised “theme”.

I normally base that around a great looking website. A website is your way of showing off your brand and needs to have a colour scheme, logo and your personality needs to come through the text and imagery. Websites seem like a daunting task, but they don’t have to be. I always choose to create websites through WordPress, as once I’ve done creating them, It’s easy to give a band a login so they can create up to date blog posts & content.

The logo for a band is probably the most important thing about the branding. It needs to be eye-catching, simple & easy to read. Imagine that at a gig people need to see your band name on the bass drum from the back of the room. That’s how easy to read the text should be.

Once you’ve got the logo and website design sorted, it’s all about tieing everything into that brand you’ve created. Press Releases should follow the colour scheme, Your Social Media sites should have your logo displayed proudly, and everything should point towards your website as this is where you can capture your audience and get them to make an action, whether that’s sign up to a mailing list, stream a song or buy some merchandise. Decide what that goal is at a specific time and make sure everything is pushing your audience towards that endpoint.

Pete x

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Pete Jenkins
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